Overview of Nexus 2023

Now is Not the Moment to be Hesitant

Nearshore’s long-term viability rests on one simple question: Can the industry adapt? Staying alive means being ready to change, at any given moment. Organizations often struggle with this requirement: It’s one thing to claim agility. It’s a whole other thing to live it and act on it every day.

In the space of five years, the Nearshore industry has doubled in size. New entrants are bringing with them hyper-competitive business models with better analytics. A number of Nearshore countries are pushing hard to become true hubs for global digital businesses. A new generation of entrepreneurs are leveraging the cloud and clever talent acquisition techniques to take market share.

We have arrived at a crucial moment in the evolution of Nearshore, a moment that will shine a brighter light on the smartest, most adaptable strategies. As competition intensifies, more pressure is being placed on the core structures that keep the industry moving: Partnerships. Can partnerships endure through ransomware attacks and increasing employee attrition? Can partners find common ground where both parties find solutions together?

Nexus is the ‘home court’ for these important discussions. Join us by contributing your brightest ideas. Share your vision and help build an even stronger Nearshore community.

Key topics and strategic panel discussions:

How and Where Enterprises Will Expand Usage of Generative Ai

Enterprise Insider: AI Investment With Global Partners

Re-Innovating CX: Where and Why Enterprises Want Better Outcomes from CX Services

The Next Wave of Cybersecurity Compliance

Central America's Climb to a Higher Altitude of Delivery

Introducing the Nearshore Location Value Index (NLVI)

From Agents to Developers, the New Standard of Employee Experience

The Shape of the Deal: The New Influences on Sourcing Contracts

Nexus By the Numbers

Over The Last Thirteen Years:

Networking with


Senior IT, CX and Global Sourcing and Software Leaders

Learning from


Market-focused Expert Panels

Doing business with


Industry leading software engineering and digital solution providers, CX and call center partners and Nearshore investment agencies

Participate in

28 B+

Nearshore Services industry, spanning 18 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada


Richie Etwaru

Co-Founder of Mobeus and Former Chief Digital Officer, IQVIA

Dr. Anand Rao

Dr. Anand Rao

Global Artificial Intelligence Leader, PwC
Mauricio Velasquez

Mauricio Velasquez

Outsourcing Consultant, LATAM
Harold Bolton

Harold Bolton

Global Head of Technology Strategic Sourcing & Vendor Management, UPS
Jonathan Zeng

Jonathan Zeng

Product Manager, Conversational Ai
Stephen Loynd

Stephen Loynd

Founder & Principal Analyst, TrendzOwl
Rajeev Gupta

Rajeev Gupta

Country Head for TCS Mexico & Nearshore Head for TCS Latin America
Susana Sierra

Susana Sierra

CEO, BH Compliance
César Cantú

César Cantú

Managing Editor, Nearshore Americas
Raj Gidvani

Raj Gidvani

Chief Information Technology Officer, Gen II Fund Services
German Jausoro

German Jausoro

Senior Manager, Global IT, WeWork
Amit Kela

Amit Kela

Senior Customer Operations and Digital Transformation Leader
Nora Zamora

Nora Zamora

Chief Client Officer, Sibu Digital
Kirk Laughlin

Kirk Laughlin

Managing Director and Chief Analyst, Nearshore America
Alan Campos

Alan Campos

Head of Strategy Global Business Transformation, Novartis
Gustavo Pares

Gustavo Pares

CEO and Founding Partner, NDS Cognitive Labs
Lynda Arsenault

Lynda Arsenault

International FDI Consultant & Investment Executive, Canada – Invest Barbados
José Antonio Muñoz

José Antonio Muñoz

Central America Chairman, DENTONS
Satish Nair

Satish Nair

Senior Vice President and Global Head of Sales, Infosys BPM
Mario Siman

Mario Siman

Co-Founder, Novatech
Peter Bell

Peter Bell

Founder, CTO Connection
Jim Farnsworth

Jim Farnsworth

SVP of Growth, Glowtouch
Mike Stoler

Mike Stoler

Principal and Leader of Deloitte’s Tech Sourcing and Ecosystems Advisory


JUNE 14TH 6PM – 7:30 PM

Nexus Opening Night and Illuminate Awards
Antique Loft at Riverview, 33 Newark St, Hoboken, NJ

JUNE 15TH 8:30AM – 5:15 PM

Nexus 2023, Conference Sessions and Exhibition
W Hotel Hoboken, 225 River St, Hoboken, NJ

8:30am: Arrival, coffee and networking

9:15am: Welcome and Introductions
Kirk Laughlin, Nearshore Americas and Nexus 2023

9:25am: Keynote: Richie Etwaru, Co-Founder of Mobeus and Former Chief Digital Officer, IQVIA

10:15 am: Super Panel: Putting the Power of Generative Ai into the Sourcing Value Stream
As generative Ai advances into the enterprise, a whole host of considerations must be confronted. Should tools be confined to driving value only inside the enterprise, or at what point should they be leveraged to engage consumers? Join us for a rich discussion examining the impacts of generative Ai will have on companies, the IT culture and the relationship with third-party digital innovation firms.

MODERATOR:  Peter Bell, CTO Connection
Alan Campos, Former Head of Strategy Global Business Transformation, Novartis
Rajeev Gupta, Country Head, México Nearshore Head, Latin America TCS
Gustavo Pares, CEO and Founding Partner, NDS Cognitive Labs
Anand Rao, Global Artificial Intelligence Leader, PwC

11:10am: Networking Break

11:30am: CX Panel: Where and Why Enterprises Want Better Outcomes from CX Services
The celebrated CX innovations of recent years have caused many to wonder if the customer experience really is improving. Brands continue to wrestle with balancing the drive for greater engagement with the hard work of solving problems so customers actually obtain satisfaction. We investigate just how content brands are with the current generation of CX solutions, and how vendor partners need to more aggressively pursue innovations with genuine value.

MODERATOR: Stephen Loynd, Founder and Principal Analyst, TrendzOwl
Mauricio Velasquez, CX Outsourcing Consultant, Latin America
Jim Farnsworth, SVP of Growth, Glowtouch
Lynda Arsenault International FDI Consultant, Invest Barbados

12:15pm: The New Playbook for Doing Business in Latin America

Companies play a crucial role in preventing corruption and promoting good practices through strong governance and compliance. Learn why the US Department of Justice (DOJ) is intensifying the fight against corporate corruption by incentivizing self-disclosure, pursuing individual accountability, and updating compliance program evaluation guidelines. This directly impacts Latin American companies with ties to the United States under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

Susana Sierra CEO, BH Compliance

12:45pm: Buffet Luncheon: Great Room Two

1:45pm: Panel: The Re-shaping of Central America’s Tech Identity
A region with over 52 million inhabitants in seven countries, the case for Central America is based on the diversity of its member countries, a large bilingual talent pool, close ties historically to the USA and a star-performer – Costa Rica – which stands as one of the all-time most favored Nearshore destinations. We examine the state of delivery from Central America, its thriving community of software exporters, and the hurdles the region continues to overcome.

MODERATOR: Kirk Laughlin, Nearshore Americas and Nexus 2023
Nora Zamora, Chief Client Officer, Sibu Digital
José Antonio Muñoz, Central America Chairman, Dentons
Mario Siman Co-Founder, Novatech

2:30pm: Panel: Mastering Remote Work in an Employee-Centric Universe
The idea of remote work may sound enticing, but there is a price to pay for such conveniences. We look deeply into how the remote work revolution is redefining the contributions of employees, and how the Nearshore is continuing to adapt to a more free-wheeling set of standards for workers in the region.

MODERATOR: Kirk Laughlin, Nearshore Americas and Nexus 2023
German Jausoro, Senior Manager, Global IT, WeWork
Fabiano Rosa, Markets Transformation Leader, EY
Harold Bolton, Global Head of Technology Strategic Sourcing & Vendor Management

3:10pm: Afternoon Break

3:20pm:  The Nearshore Value Index:  Ranking the Leading Destinations in Nearshore
For the first time, Nearshore Americas reveals the Nearshore destinations offering the greatest value at the best price.

Cesar Cantu, Managing Editor, Nearshore Americas

3:40pm: The Big Picture: Where Do We Go From Here?
The global services industry has always had to adapt, but the pressures are particularly acute at this moment. Major disruptions from emerging tech and an ever-growing set of worries about talent and capacity must be balanced with spiking demand for value-added services and the need for nimble organizational structures that overcome disconnects inherent in remote work models. We close Nexus 2023 with an honest assessment on how global delivery models will need to adapt further to meet new challenges.

MODERATOR: Kirk Laughlin, Nearshore Americas and Nexus 2023

Amit Kela, Senior Customer Operations and Digital Transformation Leader
Satish Nair, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Sales, Infosys BPM
Mike Stoler, Principal & Leader of Deloitte’s Tech Sourcing and Ecosystems Advisory

4:20pm: Closing Comments

4:30pm: Sponsors Cocktail Reception


When is Nexus 2023?

Nexus will take place in two phases: Nexus Opening Night, held from 6pm to 8pm, on June 14th. The next day, June 15th, the main Nexus conference will take place at the W Hoboken Hotel , from 9am to 5:30 pm.

Where is Nexus 2023?

Nexus Opening night will be held at a location to be announced. The Nexus 2023 conference will take place at the W Hotel, Hoboken, New Jersey.

What hotel should I stay at?

Attendees are encourage to stay at the W Hoboken. Take advantage of our special discount available to attendees.

Who will attend Nexus?

Nexus attracts enterprise sourcing decision makers, client brand leaders in technology, marketing and customer engagement, software and IT services firms, business process outsourcing providers, CX and call center services companies and trade and investment agency members.

How many people will attend Nexus?

Nexus typically registers between 150 and 200 people.

Will there be an exhibition area?

Yes. One of the main features of Nexus 2023 is our exhibition area, where attendees will be able to interact with industry leading organizations.

Will food be served?

Yes. Nexus 2023 will provide a continental breakfast, coffee and tea, and a full lunch.

Will there be closing reception?

Yes. Nexus 2023 will conclude with a sponsors cocktail reception.

Where can I register?

Registration will open on March 15, 2023 for Nexus registration.

How much does it cost to attend Nexus?

Nexus attendance can be secured in one of two ways: As a sponsor or as a regular attendee. Sponsorship packages are available upon request. The cost to attend as a regular attendee will be $550 until May 1 and $595 up until the conference.

Can I attend virtually?

We will not offer a virtual option this year.

Does Nexus have awards?

Yes. The annual Nexus Illuminate Awards, celebrating the best of the Nearshore, is a key part of the Nexus experience. Award winners will be announced at Nexus Opening Night on June 14.

How many countries are represented?

Nexus typically attracts attendees from over 16 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Can I become a speaker at Nexus 2023?

The Nexus production team is actively seeking client-side executives to participate as speakers. To be considered, please drop a note to: Nexus Senior Producer, Clara Laje: David@Nextcoastmedia.com

How do I become a sponsor at Nexus 2023?

Those interested in sponsorship are advised to reach David Nolasco, Nexus 2023 Coordinator: David@Nextcoastmedia.com David will share the Nexus 2023 sponsorship packages.

Do you have information on past attendees?

Yes. The Nexus 2023 team can supply audience demographics and other details pertaining to the audience participation in past Nexus conferences.

Will Nexus 2023 organizers help with visas?

The Nexus 2023 team is happy to craft letters for attendees requiring a visa to attend the conference. Please direct those requests to David Nolasco, of the Nexus team:  David@Nextcoastmedia.com

Can members of the media attend?

Nexus 2023 welcomes members of the business press. To request a press pass, please email David Nolasco, Nexus Coordinator: David@Nextcoastmedia.com

Will there be places to conduct private meetings?

The W Hoboken is a world-class hotel. There are ample opportunities to meet in the large lobby and nearby public spaces, both indoor and outdoor.

Meetaap Parallax Meetaap Parallax Meetaap Parallax
Meetaap Parallax Meetaap Parallax Meetaap Parallax

Hotel Booking

The W Hoboken is a vibrant city retreat on the waterfront, offering travelers a cosmopolitan hotel escape. An urban oasis just minutes from Manhattan, New Jersey’s hottest spot is the Mile Square City’s go-to destination to connect over a cocktail, dine amid floor-to-ceiling views or unwind in spacious guestrooms. Perched pretty on the Hoboken waterfront and just steps from the best of the area’s bars, shopping and restaurants, W Hoboken is an escape planted in the center of the action.

The W Hoboken is – simply – a stunning property and the perfect venue to host Nexus 2023.

Special Hotel Rate for Nexus 2023 Attendees

Book Your Stay at the W Hoboken for $299 per night (double occupancy)

There is a limited supply of rooms at this special rate – we recommend

To make the booking:

Book online on our dedicated Nexus 2023 page

Or contact 201-253-2400 (When making the booking make sure to mention you are attending “Nexus 2023” to obtain the special conference rate).

Nexus 2023 Sponsors




Past Nexus Keynote Speakers

Nexus 2011

R “Ray” Wang, CEO of Constellation

Nexus 2012

Alvaro Uribe, Former President,
Republic of Colombia

Nexus 2013

Vivek Wadhwa, Distinguished Fellow
& Professor, Carnegie Mellon and
Distinguished Fellow, Harvard Law

Nexus 2014

Joe Nocera, Award-winning
columnist, New York Times

Nexus 2015

Francisco (Paco) Palmieri,
Deputy Secretary for Central America and the Caribbean, US State Department

Nexus 2016

Laura Chinchilla, Former
President, Republic of Costa Rica

Nexus 2017

Roy Glasburg, Launchpad
Accelerator, Global Lead, Google

Nexus 2018

Jim Marshall, Head of Emerging
Manager Practice Silicon Valley

Nexus 2019

Dr. Nick van der Meulen,
Research Scientist at the MIT
Sloan Center for Information
Systems Research

Nexus 2022

David Bell
President and Co-Founder at
Idea Farm Ventures

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