Nora Zamora

Nora Zamora Chief Client Officer, Sibu Digital

Nora is the Chief Client Officer at Sibu Digital, a digital advertising and marketing agency based in Costa Rica, with an entity also in the US. She has 25+ years of client services experience in consumer and pharmaceutical advertising, working with major global agencies and clients and numerous startups. She has spent 14 years of those years specializing in digital marketing, nine of which have been in Costa Rica, building and leading teams focusing on exceptional client relationships, quality, and service.

She is passionate about thoughtful and purposeful work that fosters a healthy and enjoyable human-focused work environment for her clients and teams. Her favorite work considers how people experience the entirety of an engagement leading to exceptional digital experiences.

Her commitment to customer obsession and delivering the highest quality alongside highly talented, committed, and devoted teams led to her role at Sibu Digital in Costa Rica, where she focuses on agency growth, client relationship management, and bringing exposure to the growing Costa Rican tech and digital market via international events and partnerships.