Richie Etwaru

Richie Etwaru Co-Founder of Mobeus and Former Chief Digital Officer, IQVIA

Richie Etwaru is a visionary leader and technology pioneer known for his groundbreaking contributions to the fields of Immersive AI, healthcare, privacy, and digital transformation. Born in Guyana, Richie’s journey began with a passion for innovation that led him to excel at esteemed academic institutions throughout the Caribbean, including the renowned President’s College in Guyana. Richie formerly held roles as Global Chief Digital Officer at IQVIA and Head of Innovation at UBS.

As the co-founder of Mobeus, Richie has been instrumental in the development of Immersive AI, a transformative technology that merges computer vision, machine learning, and natural user interfaces. His visionary leadership has propelled Immersive AI to the forefront of human-machine interaction, revolutionizing the way people engage with technology.

Richie’s dedication to innovation extends beyond Immersive AI. He has made significant contributions to the fields of healthcare, privacy, and digital transformation. His work in these areas has garnered international recognition, with his insights featured in prestigious publications and media outlets worldwide. With a wealth of expertise and a relentless drive for progress, Richie has collaborated with Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and startups, helping them navigate the ever-evolving technological landscape and identify new opportunities for growth and innovation.

A sought-after speaker and thought leader, Richie’s profound impact on the business world is widely acknowledged. His deep understanding of emerging technologies and their strategic implications has positioned him as a leading authority, guiding organizations towards success in the digital age.

Richie Etwaru’s remarkable journey from his roots in Guyana to his current position as a technology pioneer and innovator showcases his unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of possibility and shaping the future of transformative technologies.