César Cantú

César Cantú Managing Editor, Nearshore Americas

César Cantú is Managing Editor at Nearshore Americas. A Mexico City-based journalist, César has over five years of experience covering business, economic and societal topics in Mexico and other Latin American markets. He has worked for smaller, analysis-driven publications as well as for national newspapers in Mexico, reporting and writing about issues such as technology, banking, international trade, foreign investment, agribusiness, cybersecurity, employment, economic indicators and union activity.

As Nearshore Americas’ chief editor, Cesar’s been in charge of documenting and discussing the post-COVID transformation of the knowledge-services market in the Americas. His most recent work includes analysis pieces on the impact of Amazon on the BPO industry, the strategic transformation of the CIO role and how companies handle cyber-extortion in Latin America.

He keeps contact with some of the top players in the Nearshore IT and BPO sectors, as well as with industry analysts, researchers and commentators.