Harold Bolton

Harold Bolton Global Head of Technology Strategic Sourcing & Vendor Management, UPS

Harry Bolton presently holds a position as the Global Head of Technology Strategic Sourcing & Vendor Management at UPS in Mahwah, NJ. Harry has worked for UPS for 14 years in various roles including finance, accounting, and sourcing. UPS Technology is responsible for developing technologies used by customers, package car drivers, package handlers, and package center operators worldwide as well as information security, CRM, data analytics, business intelligence, and infrastructure services. Harry also own’s UPS’s strategy to globalize its Technology workforce by setting up foreign Development Centers through both employee and contingent workforce strategies to ensure we have the ability to attract and retain top technology talent anywhere in the world. Harry graduated Ramapo College in 2010 with a BS in Finance. Harry obtained his MBA from William Paterson University. Harry formerly taught as an adjunct in Ramapo College’s First Year Seminar program helping freshmen business majors explore different business concentrations and evaluate targeted career tracks. Harry is also active in the Ramapo Foundation’s Board of Governors Mentoring Program and the Ramapo mentorship program. Harry lives with his wife and two-year old son in Pompton Plains, NJ.